MAC Lipsticks you MUST own


It seems 2015 has been the year of the pout! Women and some men too are crazing over products/procedures to enhance their lips. One celebrity in particular has herself a trade mark pout…. Can you guess who this is ? Yep.. Kylie Jenner! Kylie’s lips have been a hot topic all over the internet.

Which brings me back to  the reason for this post. I have selected a few MAC products which I personally love and think they can help you achieve plumper looking lips. I am a huge fan of nudes so most of the products I will be talking about in this post are nude/light colours.

A nude lipstick looks great with any look.. day/night/work so it is essential you pick the right one! I have an olive complexion so the products I will be talking about are what I use on myself. But that is not to say if you have darker/lighter skin than me the shades will not look great on you!

Ok so the first step in creating the base for your lipstick is the lip liner. This is very IMPORTANT if you want you lips to appear fuller. I use a lip pencil first to line my lips please don’t over line that does not look good. My very favourite is Spice by MAC, this is the first lip liner I ever purchased and I am never without! I find that Spice can be combined with most nude lipsticks even some with pink/orange tones.


Spice Lip liner

I have managed to narrow it down to three lipsticks that I really love.

  1. The first being Honeylove this is a long lasting light beige lipstick with a touch of a rose.
  2. I feel like Velvet teddy is one of the most popular MAC lipsticks that is a nightmare to get hold of. So if you find one keep hold of it and go to the till and buy it! Because you simply do not know when you will see it again. This lip colour is a dark beige, I think this looks great on on all skin tones even lighter complexions as this is not too deep.
  3. And last but not least is Kinda Sexy , this is a nude rose pink colour.



Velvet Teddy


Kinda Sexy

I wear all of the above lip colours with my Spice lip liner, I sometimes substitute for other pencil colours but I did not want to make this post too long 🙂

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks/products ?

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