Revolution vivid baked highlighter review.

Hi guys,

Soo I have really neglected my blog after my first post. Nevertheless I’m back and I am going to try my very hardest to keep the blog posts flowing!!

This post features an AMAZING highlighter powder, one which I would class as the best drug store highlighter I have yet come across.  I purchased the “revolutions vivid baked highliter” in the shade golden lights ( there are other shades available, which are currently on my radar)

What can I say this was the best £3.00 I have ever spent. The highlighter is super pigmented and gives an amazing glow to the face. Guaranteed to give you the amazing strobing effect everybody is longing for!


As you can see the colour pay off is brilliant, especially compared to high end highlighting powders I have purchased in the past. The left swatch is from just a quick smudge and the right is from a quick swirl in the product.

Now don’t worry some of you may think this looks way too white, but once applied to the face it gives an amazing pearlescent glow to your face. Unfortunately I do not have a clear enough picture of me wearing this.

I couldn’t recommend this product any more. I would honestly say I would pay 10 times the price, at £3.00 I am not complaining! I purchased this from Superdrug here is a  link should you be interested.

If you have used this highlighter let me know your feedback below, if not what is your favourite highlighter?

P.s this was me when I first used this haha 🙂


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