Question to all fellow bloggers??

Hi Guys,

Does anyone ever use their iPad to blog from ? I was thinking of getting one – so I could try to blog on Holiday.

Also any tech experts out there know how to get images from a cannon DSLR onto an ipad?

And finally any other blogging tips any body would care to share would be great :):)


Bianush xx

6 thoughts on “Question to all fellow bloggers??

  1. mandyjo79 says:

    The only thing that I use to blog with is my IPhone 6s. It takes great pictures and I can do all my writing right on my phone. I would use my iPad but it’s old and very slow, so is my laptop.


  2. alimentomori says:

    An iPad would be fine to blog from, but I think you should consider a keyboard case as it would make typing much easier. I personally don’t like typing on iPads, and a keyboard case essentially turns it into a mini laptop set up. Can get cheap ones for $30 or Logitech has great ones for $80-$100 depending where you are based. For your photos, your best option is to buy Apple’s Lightning to SD Card Reader. Not sure how much those go for, but worth buying if you are wanting to blog off an iPad. Hope that helps 🙂 and happy travels! x


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