Swimming with Pigs in Bahamas!


Me and Mr Pig!

As the weather has been so nice the past week, it really has me thinking about the summer!

Last summer 2015 I was lucky enough to go to the Bahamas for two weeks. My boyfriend and I are real sun worshipers, and the fact that we could go visit the swimming pigs really sold us this holiday! I thought I would share my experience with you all and give you some tips on how to get to the Exumas!

So, we both decided to stay in Nassau as this is the largest city in Bahamas. (We felt the Exumas was a little secluded for us) But we definitely wanted to make a trip to the Exumas, which is a district of over 365 islands -and where you can find the famous piggies.

We decided to book this excursion whilst we were out there. Well… we thought there would be excursions offered at hotels etc. as the pigs are so well known worldwide via social media. But we were wrong! The whole trip had to be booked by ourselves as we couldn’t find anybody offering the package.

So advice for anybody who wants to swim with pigs from Nassau here is what we did;

We sat down with the concierge at our hotel, she very kindly helped us arrange our flights after we searched on sky scanner, she made all the relevant phone calls to the airline to make sure all our times fit in within the excursion. We flew from Nassau to George Town which is where the Exumas airport is situated.


Just landed in Exumas, this was the plane we were on!

To book the excursion we got in touch with; http://exumawatertours.com/ who operate as Four C’s.  The company where great and also picked us up and dropped us to the airport to make sure we made all of our flight times. We decided to book a late flight back and do the full day tour which involved seeing some amazing hotspots – as well as the pigs!

(This included a lovely Bahamian style buffet)

Here is a short list of what we did on the full day tour:

  • Star fish bay
  • Tour of private Islands
  • Sunken drug plane
  • Thunderball Grotto – where James Bond was filmed!
  • We swam with nurse sharks
  • Visited sand bars
  • Swam with pigs on Pig Island
  • Visited Iguana island
  • Sandbars

And saw a load more!!

This trip was amazing, we saw some gorgeous cays and Islands- Staniel cay (beautiful Small Island with a population of 100 odd people), Little Farmers Cay and many more!

On the excursion I sat on the boat looking out at crystal clear water and in my head said to myself “this is possibly one of the best days of my life.”I really could sit here all day and type away about this holiday but I tried to make this short and sweet! This year we are going to Thailand so I will be sure to blog about my trip there.

I hope you enjoyed this post if you are thinking of going to the Bahamas or have any questions. Get in touch!!

(More pics below)

Bianush x



The Atlantis Bahamas – we stayed here for one week out of two.


Here is where we swam with nurse sharks – apparently Johnny Depp owns an Island near by and drinks here occasionally!


Thunderball Grotto! You can’t see the fish in this picture 😦


Sunken drug plane



The sand bars! Look at that water!!


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