Stay TUNED!! Blog post ideas…

Hi everybody,

I feel like I am really getting into the swing of things now. I am trying my hardest to allocate time to blog!

I have started to keep a note of things I want to blog about. Here are some ideas below;


  • Primark haul!
  • London trip (I am going to London on 4th – 5th of June)
  • Gym wear and workout post
  • I am also going to try document my weight loss on here as I am currently on the Slimming World plan.
  • And a heap of beauty product reviews/ favorites – I am too impatient and use the product straight away so can’t promise pretty pictures like you see from other bloggers haha!
  • My Thailand trip in October


So that is a little taster of what is yet to come! I will try my hardest to keep all blog posts flowing for you all.

If you have any other post ideas or anything in specific you would like to see from me, please pop me a comment below 🙂

Have a great day !


Bianush xx



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