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fitness edit

Sooo…. Summer is here, which means one thing! SUMMER BODY!!

I always seem to become more active in the spring/summer. I think this is because the evenings get lighter and I usually have booked my holidays so start to panic about my summer bod! This post is just a general overview of what I tend to; eat,wear and workout.I will try to keep it as short as possible!

So first of all I will start off with mentioning that I am currently on the slimming world plan. Which I think is great (however past few weeks I have been so naughty on plan!) I joined around about end of January with my mother. My mom has done so well and lost around a stone and a half!  I have lost about 10 lbs – my weight loss is slightly slower.I really enjoy the plan as I can still eat the food I enjoy i.e. steak, chips/wedges (must be cooked certain way though!) and CHOCOLATE! The way the plan works is you get up to 15  “syns” a day which you can use for foods which are not “free” so i tend to save my syns up and use for chocolate and other yummy things.

I am really going to try and be as strict as I possibly can on plan as loosing weight gives me such a buzz! There is nothing better than looking in the mirror at your self and being happy because you can see the stubborn love handles are finally shrinking.

Along with Slimming World I go to the gym. I try and go 3-4 times a week, but if I cannot then it is not the end of the world. I find if I go in the morning it is out of the way and I cant find an excuse not to go int he evening! Although I am totally not a morning person!

My workouts last around 45 mins/ 1 hour which will consist of 15 mins HIIT (high intensity interval training) A great way to burn fat and get your metabolism going! The way it works is you have a certain amount of exercises I do 5. Then you will do each exercise for 30 secs then rest and move on to the next exercise once you have done all 5 you repeat 3-5 times. Click here to watch the body coach HIIT circuit I do. Or you can do this exercise on a treadmill so sprint the fastest you can for 30 secs, then jump on the sides of the treadmill , rest for 30 seconds and jump back into a sprint – lowering yourself onto the treadmill.

To finish off I will do 30 mins of circuits, I use the Kayla Itsines bikini body guide – it has 12 weeks of exercise circuits. Each week consists of 3 workouts – Legs & cardio, arms & abs and then a full body circuit. This is great to follow especially if you find yourself milling around the gym not knowing what to do so then you jump on a treadmill for 30 mins and get bored!  I have made my workouts fun by making sure I am using all of my body rather then just plodding away on a treadmill!

I will just talk you through what I wear to the gym and use. Most of my workout clothes are actually from Nike purely because I have tried workout clothes from other brands and the leggings will fall down when they loose the stretch which is the last thing you want when doing burpees!! So I purchase all of my clothes from Nike Outlets as its much cheaper. The two pairs of trainers in the picture above came to £32.50 for both! And the vest was only £9. Then I use my Polar heart rate monitor – which tells me how many cals I have burnt during that workout. I have asked for wireless headphones for my birthday so when I am doing my circuit workouts I can listen to my music without having wires hanging everywhere !

So finally that just about rounds everything off.. I could write for hours but I did not want to make this post too long! If you have any questions regarding slimming world or any workout related/fitness things I have spoken about in this blog feel free to get in touch 🙂


Have a great day!

Biansuh xx


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