Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review

So, it is not very often I get to do this…. But right now I am sitting here with an OLAPLEX treatment on my hair and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm smothered over my face! I thought I would pamper my self tonight.

Today the weather has been beautiful and I managed to get some great pictures of products I will be blogging about in the next few weeks (very excited) I tend to write my blogs after I have taken pictures as it gives me more inspo and desire to blog.

Anyway… In my last blog post (which was a NYX haul) I mentioned I would write about my favourite foundation. And here it is! The very famous Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation.

I will be doing a review on this foundation because I feel it is forgotten about amongst all of the MAC, Nars, Estèe Lauder and Armarni foundations out there.

First of all I will give you a little bit of an insight into the details. I purchased this from Debenhams I paid £29.00 for this foundation- which I feel is pretty reasonable for what the product actually does!  I got the shade Y405 – Golden Honey. This is my second time I am re purchasing this foundation.

MUF HD is packaged in a 30 ml plastic bottle with lid. Once you take the lid off the product dispenses via a pump. The only bad thing I have to say about this product is actually the packaging. When I am on my last few driplets of product I must admit I take the pump off and try to get every single little bit out of the bottle! Just being efficient haha. Unfortunately with this pump you are unable to do so. Which means wastage 😦

My skin is combination – normal to oily. My t-zone is oily and I tend to get a lot of congestion on my cheeks. I love a dewy look – not a greasy look! And this foundation delivers just that. I love the coverage it is sooo flawlesss, if you love a selfie like me then this will be your best friend. In flash photography this foundation makes your skin appear perfect!

I apply this product with a damp beauty blender which also assists with the flawless skin look. I have tried with a real techniques stippling brush but I find that I am left with brush marks on my face. Not sure if thats me being lazy applying the product, the brush or both! I feel that this actually lasts a full night out also (a night out involving lots of drinking and dancing).  So the fact it does not slide off and make me look sweaty is just fab!

So in a nutshell if you cannot tell already I love this foundation!  If I had to rate this product I would give it a 9. If the bottle wasn’t so hard to get into when running low it would actually get a strong 10 from me. Well done Make Up Forever a fantastic product !!

What is your favourite foundation ? And have any of you tried this one? Give me your thoughts I would love to know.

Bianush xx

P.s – if you would like to know further details of what I have used on my face in the above pictures pop me a comment and I will be more than happy to explain 🙂



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